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Our Services

At Renaissance Wealth, we specialize in providing services such as:

Financial Guidance

Financial Planning is a key component when it comes to managing your money. When we own something of value, like a home, we take the time to maintain it. When you think of your finances, you should consider ways to protect and preserve them - the same way you would for your home

Wealth Management

Wealth is often accompanied by a high degree of complexity. Our deep understanding of these complexities allow us to simplify and coordinate their wealth in a way that protects and preserves the success you have worked hard for.

Protecting Your Legacy

Estate planning is an essential and valuable piece of your financial puzzle. It is all about leaving the legacy that you desire when you go. Regardless of what assets you have in your estate, it is essential to protect the loved ones you leave behind. Estate planning provides some peace knowing that in the event of the unthinkable, you were given an opportunity to name your desires.

Sustainable Income

Retirement may or may not be right around the corner. Either way, we advise our clients to start saving now, whenever “now” may be. Since retirement planning creates a cushion for when it is time to rest and relax, the larger that cushion is, the more comfortable you can be. That is why we develop plans that prepare you for the future using ongoing and proactive management that keeps your portfolio up-to-date as the years go by.