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Financial Planning

When we own something of value, like a home, we take the time to maintain it. When you think of your finances, you should consider ways to protect and preserve them - the same way you would for your house. 

Financial Planning services are similar to housekeeping. They keep your assets up to date and at an advantage when it comes to changes in your life, in the market, or your motivations. At Renaissance Wealth Management, making sure your money is safe with growth potential is our main priority.

Financial Planning Process 

Define - Define your financial goals and objectives. Goals and objectives guide your financial plan and help to create a roadmap of what success looks like for you. No two financial plans are the same, which is why we create a plans that are specifically designed for you.

Gather - Gather your financial and personal information. The success of your financial plan depends greatly on the accuracy, quality, and clarity of the information. We will look for things like income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, as well as your risk attitude, tolerance, and capacity.

Analyze - We will analyze the information provided and use it to report your current financial profile in order to improve your individual financial circumstances and pinpoint any strengths and weaknesses. 

Develop - We will develop a comprehensive financial plan based on everything up and to this point. Each of your goals and objectives will be addressed and recommendations will be made. You will be provided with information such as net worth, tax calculation, and cash flow.

Implement and Monitor - Once developed, you and your financial advisor will define how to implement your plan and then set specific times and frequency of follow-up meetings and communication to monitor its efficacy. Changes will be made as needed.